The City of Geary approves Power Contract with OMPA

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The City of Geary approves Power Contract with the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority

On Thursday, February 11, the City of Geary became OMPA’s 37th member city in Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority’s Board of Directors and the City Council of the City of Geary approved a contract allowing OMPA to begin supplying power to the City of Geary on May 1, 2010.  OMPA was established to provide electric power to municipal electric systems.  The contract will expire December 31, 2027.

“We are looking forward to begin working with the City of Geary, not only to supply power but provide the other customer service options that are made available to our other thirty-six cities.” said OMPA General Manager, Cindy Holman.

“We appreciate the quick responses we have received from OMPA regarding power supply issues and the engineering assistance our Distribution Superintendent has received regarding distribution issues,” said Mary Hays, Geary City Clerk.

OMPA is a joint-action agency created for the purpose of providing an adequate, reliable and affordable supply of electrical power and energy to Oklahoma’s municipally owned electric systems.

The Authority’s mission remains on “providing reliable, low cost energy and services to municipal entities to enable each municipality to be competitive, while maximizing the benefit to our stakeholders.”

OMPA is a state governmental agency created by the legislature to serve cities and towns that own and operate their electrical distribution systems and is governed by the members. The Authority presently serves 36 municipally-owned electric systems in Oklahoma.