Training Offered by OMPA

At your location or nearby (regionally). No cost to OMPA cities. Minimum attendance required

Understanding the Misunderstanding (3 hr) (C)

Get What You Want in Customer Service (1.5 hr) (C)

Get What You Want in Attitude (1.5 hr) (C)

Basics of Customer Service (3 hr) (C)

Dealing with High-Bill Complaints (3 hr) (C)

Dealing with Upset Customers (2 hr) (C)

Residential Energy Use and Conservation (C)

  • Overview (1 hr) (C)
  • Home Insulation and Air Infiltration (1 hr) (C)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (1 hr) (C)
  • Lighting (1 hr) (C)
  • Water Heating and Appliances (1 hr) (C)

Energy-Efficient Lighting (1-3 hr) (C)

Energy Savings for Small Businesses (3 hr) (C)

Professionalism for CSRs and Others (1 hr) (C)

Telephone Skills (1 hr) (C)

Current Environmental Issues (1 hr) (E)

Gatekeeper (Senior Awareness) Training (1 hr) (C)

QPR Gatekeeper Training (Suicide Prevention) (1.5 hr) (C)

How to Write a Plan (1-2 hr) (E)

Public Power in the 21st Century (1-2 hr) (E)

Introduction to the Electric Grid (1 hr) (E)

History of the Electric Industry (1 hr) (E)

Electric Utility Basics (1-3 hr) (E)

Key Accounts Programs (3 hr) (E)

Reliability Spreadsheets (1-2 hr) (E)

Your OMPA Bill (2 hr) (E)

The Competitive Utility Program (1-2 hr) (E)

How to Deal with the Media Training (3 hr) (C)

Social Media Training (3-5 hr) (C)

Electrical Safety for Customers and CSRs (1 hr) (E)

Crisis Communication (2 hr) (C)

Letters in brackets refer to classification for CUP. Programs vary from one to three hours in length. For more details, or to schedule training, contact Jerry Shelton or Palma Lough at (405) 340-5047.