OMPA team honored with awards by MESO

The Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO) recently recognized Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority’s (OMPA) General Manager, Dave Osburn; Palma Lough, Energy Services Specialist; and the OMPA Linecrew.

Former Chairman Charles Lamb was also honored with an award in his name – the Pruett-Lamb Lifetime Achievement Award. Lamb will share the honor with Pryor’s Gary Pruett.

Osburn, a long-time proponent of locally owned and control public power, was awarded with the association’s Ray Duffy Personal Service Award.

He began his municipal service in 1977 and joined the staff at the OMPA in 2007. He is a vocal proponent for public power and his OMPA members.

“He is an active component in the development of services and programs that benefit OMPA members,” said MESO General Manager Tom Rider. “His efforts have led to improved reliability and a strong commitment to system enhancements that benefit members’ citizens. “

He currently services on the American Public Power Association’s Board of Directors as well as the Southwestern Power Pool’s Members Committee, the Transmission Access Policy Study Group, and the NERC RISC Committee. In 2007, he was awarded APPA’s Kramer-Preston Personal Service Award.

Osburn’s insistence that citizens of all public power communities understand the value of ownership led to the implementation of the Our Local Power campaign.

Lough, who is known for her willingness to respond with a ready smile, was selected as a 2019 recipient of the Drake Rice Customer Service Award that recognizes individuals who best exemplify the qualities of a true customer service professional.

ice is a way of life for her,” Rider said. “Her commitment to her customers propels her to go the extra mile which may include involving others in the development of a solution or taking the time to explain programs or services, perhaps more than once.”

As one co-worker said, “Her work isn’t a job, it’s a mission.”

MESO recognizes her customer service attributes of a positive attitude towards customers and co-workers, and a personal commitment to always giving her best in every situation.

The OMPA Line Crew was selected as a 2019 recipient of the Clarence Fulkerson Award which recognizes and honors a public power system that works to effectively improve their system operations, resulting in improved reliability and long-term cost savings for its customers.

The crew made outstanding contributions in ensuring reliable public power for members’ citizens during 2018.

Highlights of their performance in 2018 include:

  • Participating in pole replacements in six OMPA member cities;
  • Replacing a 69 kV transmission line;
  • Inspecting and replacing old wooden transmission and sub-transmission poles with new steel poles for members and power supplier to enhance reliability;
  • Performing oil sampling and inspections of member substation transformers. Sampling prevented a transformer failure for the City of Wynnewood which would have caused an extended outage.

Duncan’s Dave Yeager also was awarded the Marvin Hicks-Al Middleton Meritorious Service Award, which goes to an employee who has had at least 25 years of service and has been active in their community.