OMPA member city officials and staff meet with Senator Pugh and Representative Osburn

On Friday, April 28, staff from the City of Edmond, along with staff from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA), met

From left to right: Randy Elliott, OMPA; Glenn Fisher, Edmond Electric; Jennifer Rogers, OMPA; Rep. Mike Osburn (D-81); Sen. Adam Pugh (D-41)
and David Osburn, OMPA.

with Senator Adam Pugh (District 41) and Representative Mike Osburn (District 81) over lunch at the OMPA headquarters in Edmond. The purpose of this meeting was to continue to educate the legislators on the history of OMPA and the unique role we play with our member cities.

The legislators, city staff and OMPA had in depth discussions regarding issues facing OMPA and our member cities, as well as our outlook on the future. Senator Pugh and Representative Osburn also got to tour and learn more information about OMPA’s 24/7 Operations Department and how power supply units are dispatched.

Those in attendance were: Senator Adam Pugh, District 41; Representative Mike Osburn, District 81; Larry Stevens, Edmond City Manager; Glenn Fisher, Director of Edmond Electric; David Osburn, OMPA General Manager; Randy Elliott, OMPA General Counsel; Drake Rice, Director of Member Services and Jennifer Rogers, OMPA Government

Sen. Adam Pugh (D-41) and Rep. Mike Osburn (D-81) learn about OMPA’s 24/7 Operations and Dispatching.

Relations Rep.

Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) is a not-for-profit organization, established in Title 11, the Municipal Code of the Oklahoma statutes. OMPA was created for the purpose of providing an adequate, reliable and affordable supply of electrical power and energy to Oklahoma’s municipally owned electric systems. The Authority presently serves 42 municipally owned electric systems in Oklahoma. As a consumer-owned public power entity, OMPA is owned by the member cities it serves.