DEEP program reaches milestone

The Demand and Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) has hit an awards milestone.

The commercial rebate program, administered by the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA), recently topped the $1 million mark for rebates handed out during its seven-year-plus history.

With the addition of a large rebate presented in Edmond on May 12, DEEP has now awarded 211 projects for $1,080,596.

The program is designed to reduce the peak load of commercial customers of all 42 OMPA members. Doing so can allow the Authority to delay the time it needs to build or purchase expensive generating plants. An estimated 7,040 kilowatts of peak demand have been reduced throughout the program’s history, which comes out to a rebate total of just $153 dollars per kilowatt, well below the cost-per-kilowatt for building new generation.

The majority of DEEP’s rebates have been for energy-efficiency improvements from lighting replacements, though the program also has awarded projects involving HVAC, refrigeration, commercial food service equipment, pumps, motors and more.

To qualify for a rebate, the work must be in Oklahoma and the customer must be served by an OMPA utility. The load must be classified as non-residential and be operating during the summer billing period of May through September, as well as the daily hours of 2-8 p.m. City-owned facilities can qualify for a rebate. Pre- and post-installation inspections are required.