Conference Named for Energy Services Manager

Organizers for a state-wide conference designed for energy engineers have named their event after Roger Farrer, long-time Energy Services Manager for the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA).

The Roger Farrer Energy Engineers Conference was first held this October in Tulsa. It is an annual event, hosted by the Oklahoma chapter for the Association of Energy Engineers (AEEOK).

Some of the topics the first year included advances in lighting, the impact of distributed generation and geothermal heat pumps, energy efficiency and market barriers.

“The Oklahoma chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers has been and is blessed by Roger Farrer’s leadership, dedication, and, most importantly, his actions in energy efficiency and management for all Oklahomans. To demonstrate our appreciation, we have chosen to name our annual conference for Roger,” AEEOK President Garen Ewbank said. “Roger, thank you from the AEEOK.”

Farrer has managed Energy Services at OMPA for nearly 20 years, administering the Competitive Utility Program, providing training for member city personnel and supervising the production of publications. He holds a Ph.D in physics and a certification for Certified Energy Manager.

Farrer has served in various capacities on the board of the Oklahoma chapter of AEE, including as president, vice president and secretary. He also has held committee and board positions with the Interstate Solar Coordination Council and the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation. He currently is the representative for Region 4 on the Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments (DEED) Board of Directors, a program associated with the American Public Power Association.

The Oklahoma Association of Energy Engineers is a group of energy management professionals dedicated to promoting the highest level of competency and credentials in energy management within Oklahoma. It is the state chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, which is a 16,000-member network, focused on energy engineering, energy efficiency and management, renewable and related fields.