City Electric Customers to receive brochures regarding the Oklahoma Comfort Program



FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Drake Rice, Director of Member Services, 405/340-5047

City Electric Customers to receive brochures regarding the Oklahoma Comfort Program

The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA), along with your municipally owned electric utility and ClimateMaster, will be sending out a customer brochure regarding the Oklahoma Comfort Program (OCP) to electric customers of all 37 OMPA cities’. 

OMPA finalized the contract on March 31from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce with regards to the OCP.  The OCP will use funds from the Stimulus State Energy Program (SSEP), as administered by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. 

With this program, customers will benefit from: free residential energy audits, and either $1,000 or $750 per ton rebate for qualifying Geothermal Heat Pump systems (GHP) below 5.5 tons. Commercial buildings and/or larger systems may qualify with special approval. Please visit our website at for the full guidelines.

The following financial incentives will be available to city electric customers for qualifying GHP installations:


  • EITHER $1,000 per ton for qualifying ClimateMaster installations, OR $750 per ton for other manufacturer’s qualifying installations (OCP)
  • $800 per ton (WISE rebate) in participating cities.*

*Please note that if your city does not participate in the WISE rebate program, OMPA cities’ electric customers will still be eligible for the OCP rebate. 

Federal Tax Credits

  • 30% of system cost (with no upper limit)

Participants in the OCP include: Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), OMPA, its 37 member cities and ClimateMaster, Inc. 

The program will be administered by OMPA.  GRC personnel will provide consulting services and informational resources.  ClimateMaster will provide training for contractors and loop installers, as well as 10-year parts and 5-year labor warranties on any ClimateMaster units installed.

The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) is an agency of the State of Oklahoma that currently serves 37 municipal electric systems in Oklahoma.