C.R. Burgett Substation Ribbon Cutting

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Ashleigh Clark, PIO- Edmond Electric

C.R. Burgett Substation Ribbon Cutting

The City of Edmond and Edmond Electric sparked to life the C.R. Burgett substation Wednesday October 10 at 2pm. 

The newest Edmond Electric, 25 megawatt substation, located on Air Depot just north of Covell, will serve existing and future customers while providing redundancy in the distribution system. With room to expand, the substation’s current configuration will serve approximately 3,000 Edmond homes and businesses.

 The namesake of the substation does not go without mention. C.R. Burgett Substation is dedicated to Charlie Burgett, affectionately known as Mr. Electric. Charlie was the Director of Edmond Electric where he served our city and our community for 19 years.

“It’s an honor to recognize Charlie for his years of service and his dedication and commitment to making Edmond Electric the sound, reliable system it is today” said Mayor Charles Lamb.