Town of Mooreland Joins OMPA

The town of Mooreland signed a contract to become the 40th member of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) at a special ceremony at OMPA headquarters in Edmond on Tuesday, March 12.

As such, OMPA will become Mooreland’s wholesale electric power supplier no later than April 1 of 2016. Mooreland Mayor Todd Finley was joined at the contract signing by OMPA Board Chairman Charles D. Lamb and Board Secretary Robert Johnston.

“OMPA is an agency that is owned and operated by the cities and towns it serves, and we are excited to have Mooreland join the other members in that effort,” OMPA General Manager David W. Osburn said. “We look forward to many years of fostering our new relationship, built on the objective of supplying wholesale electric power in a reliable, efficient and economical manner. The recommendation by their consultant to join OMPA is a testament to the value we offer cities.

Formed in 1981 by the Oklahoma State Legislature, OMPA is part or sole owner of 12 power plants across the region. Those plants derive their generation from a variety of sources, including wind, hydro, natural gas, coal and landfill gas. The agency supplies power to utilities with approximately 250,000 combined customers across Oklahoma.

Mooreland becomes the fifth member to join OMPA in the last eight years. Towns and cities in close proximity to Mooreland who are fellow members include Waynoka, Fairview and Laverne.

 In addition to supplying wholesale power, OMPA offers its members a series of energy-services-related programs. They include the Competitive Utility Program, which provides rewards of $20,000 to those members who achieve certification, as well as programs for utility customers that include free energy audits and rebates for energy-efficient lighting, ceiling insulation and heating and cooling systems.