Pond Creek Presented CUP Award

During the City of Pond Creek’s City Council meeting on Oct. 9, the city was presented with a $20,000 check by David Osburn, General Manager of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority’s (OMPA), re-certifying Pond Creek Public Works Authority as a Competitive Utility.

CUP - Pond Creek

OMPA’s Competitive Utility Program (CUP) is a voluntary program, started in 1995, that provides the 39 member cities with a way to evaluate and improve the operation of their electric utility, and make them better able to compete in the electric utility industry. The program provides two types of reward – recognition, in the form of certification; and financial rewards, which include the check for $20,000.

Pond Creek’s re-certification officially began on Oct. 1 and will last two years. The utility’s original certification began in October of 2008.

Brandi Dell with the City of Pond Creek is the utility’s CUP coordinator.