OMPA’s New Purcell Substation

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OMPA’s New Purcell Substation

The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) energized its new 138/12.5 kV Purcell Substation, which has a capacity of 28 MVA, on July 5.  The Purcell municipal system load will transfer to the new substation by the end of July.  The substation is located just west of I-35 and north of the Purcell Animal Shelter on West Adams Street. 

“The new substation was built to improve reliability on our distribution system as we continue to meet current and future demand for electricity from our customers due to load growth,” said Dale Bunn, Purcell City Manager.  In 2011, the City of Purcell provided electricity to 2,834 customers, which included 2,327 residential customers.  “As a municipally owned electric system, we want to ensure that our customers have an adequate, affordable and reliable source of power,” added Bunn.  

OMPA’s Engineering Services staff worked with the Purcell Public Works Authority and OG&E on the construction of the Purcell Substation.  EDG International, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma provided project support service for the construction of the substation.  The substation includes three distribution circuits and modern relays with the option to expand by installing another transformer and three feeder circuits.  Purcell personnel will be able to operate the distribution circuits as needed to restore power. 

In addition, there are remote control switches on the 138 kV transmission line serving the new substation which should minimize a power outage to Purcell because of a transmission line problem.  This new substation will allow all city service to be removed from an OG&E owned substation, Walnut Creek Substation, at the south end of town to the OMPA owned substation. 

OMPA is a state governmental agency created by the legislature to serve cities and towns that own and operate their electrical distribution systems and is governed by the members.  The Authority presently serves 39 municipally owned electric systems in Oklahoma.