OMPA member city elected officials and staff meet with legislators

On Tuesday, September 21, elected officials and staff from the City of Fairview, the Town of Goltry and the City of Waynoka, along with staff from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA), met with Representative elect Carl Newton (District 58) and Senator Marlatt (District 27) over lunch in Fairview. The purpose of this meeting was to educate the Representative elect on the history of OMPA and the unique role we play with our member cities.

The representative elect, senator, city staff and OMPA had in depth discussions regarding issues facing OMPA and our member cities, as well as our outlook on the future.

Back row left to right: Chris Hoffman, Fairview; Anthony Hale, OMPA; Jennifer Rogers, OMPA; Representative elect Carl Newton, District 58; Frank Severin, Fairview; Tino Rojas, Fairview. Front row left to right: Christian Zoppina, OMPA; David Osburn, OMPA; Tracy Judd, Waynoka; Betty Powers, Goltry; Melinda Gould, Fairview; Sally Jantz, Fairview; Brandon Severin, Goltry; Senator Bryce Marlatt, District 27.

Those in attendance were: Senator Bryce Marlatt, District 27; Representative elect Carl Newton, District 58; Melinda Gould, Chris Hoffman, Sally Jantz, Tino Rojas, Frank Severin and John Stone, City of Fairview; Betty Powers and Brandon Severin, Town of Goltry; Tracy Judd; City of Waynoka, David Osburn and Jennifer Rogers; OMPA.