OMPA Launches New Website

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Jennifer Rogers, Member Services Rep. 405/359-2534

OMPA Launches New Website

On Wednesday, May 6, 2010 OMPA will launch its newly enhanced website.  The new website was designed with our members in mind.  The new website will branch each program, service, information, etc. that OMPA offers into individual pages, making these resources easier to find.

The new website also has an outage feature, which should be handy during storms.  The outage feature will allow OMPA to communicate outage information on a timelier basis.  “During the ice storm earlier this year, our ability to communicate effectively was crucial and this new feature should be helpful when the next storm hits.  I am very proud of the work the OMPA staff has done on the new website, and hope you will find it helpful”, said Cindy Holman, General Manager.

OMPA will also be able to link to social media through the new website.  We are currently working on a policy regarding social media, as required by the state, and hope to have a social media site up and running in the near future.

This website will give anyone who visits the option to leave a reply on certain pages.  So if you have a question, please feel free to ask and we will have someone from the appropriate department address your question as soon as possible.

Be sure to visit and tell us what you think.

OMPA is a state governmental agency created by the legislature to serve cities and towns that own and operate their electrical distribution systems and is governed by the members. The Authority presently serves 37 municipally-owned electric systems in Oklahoma.