Massey Added to OMPA Board

Nick Massey of Edmond was approved to join the OMPA Board of Directors at its monthly meeting in September.

Massey takes over a seat that was held by former Edmond Mayor Charles Lamb for 25 years, and was temporarily held by Warren Porter for the past nine months.

Massey has been on the Edmond Council since March of 2012. He also has served on the city’s Finance/Audit Committee since 2013, is the Vice Chairman of the Edmond Economic Development Authority, is the Co-Chairman of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Council and the Chairman of the Edmond Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

An Edmond resident for the past 17 years, Massey also is the president and owner of Massey Financial Services, as well as a syndicated columnist on economics and investments and the CEO and Chief Economist for Householder Group Financial Advisors.

A wholesale power supplier with 42 municipal members throughout Oklahoma, OMPA is governed by its 11-member Board of Directors, who are elected by representatives of the members. The board is comprised of elected officials, city managers and others who are involved in the operating or governing of their electric systems. Board members serve staggered three-year terms, with one-third of them coming up for election each year.

Massey’s term will last until the 2021 Annual Meeting, at which point he can be re-elected.

Edmond was one of the original 26 members of OMPA, and began receiving power from the Authority in 1985.