Mangum Recertified in CUP Program

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Paul Southwick, City Manager, 782-2256

Mangum Recertified in CUP Program

During the City of Mangum’s City Commissioners meeting on March 1st, Mayor Maxine Thomason was presented with a $20,000 check by Drake Rice, OMPA Director of Member Services, on behalf of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority’s (OMPA) Board of Directors, recertifying Mangum as a Competitive Utility. 

OMPA’s Competitive Utility Program (CUP) is a voluntary program, started in 1995, that provides the 38 member cities with a way to evaluate and improve the operation of their electric utilities, and make them better able to compete in the electric utility industry.  This program provides two types of reward – recognition in the form of certification, and financial rewards, which includes the check for $20,000.  Mangum was first certified as a Competitive Utility on March 1, 1999.

“For the citizens of Mangum, CUP certification means that your community-owned electric utility is committed to excellence in its operation and delivery of safe, reliable and competitively priced electricity.  Mangum is here to be of service and help to all of its consumers,” said Paul Southwick, City Manager.

The Authority is an organization that was created by Mangum and other cities that owned and operated their municipal electric systems back in 1981.  After experiencing several years of wholesale power increases, 26 municipal electric systems, including Mangum, banded together to aggregate their power supply needs, and the Oklahoma legislature authorized the formation of OMPA.  Membership in OMPA has grown to 38 cities and towns in Oklahoma.