Hominy Experiences Planned Power Outage



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Hominy Experiences Planned Power Outage

The City of Hominy coordinated a planned power outage with AEP-PSO on switching the transmission line serving the city for the morning of July 24th that resulted in about a four hour outage.  Due to repairs that needed to be made to a crossarm on the transmission line before the switch could be made, the power was diverted to the nearby KAMO line causing a longer outage than had been scheduled.  On July 27th after the crossarm was repaired, AEP-PSO crews tried to energize the transmission line, but a faulty breaker prevented that from occurring.  The breaker was repaired the night of the 28th and this morning AEP-PSO crews were successful in switching the line and restoring power, after an outage that lasted about 13 minutes.  

 “We appreciate the cooperation of our customers and their patience during the power outages.  I know especially with warmer weather that any power outage can be uncomfortable for our customers.  Because of the repairs to the transmission line and switching over to the KAMO line, the planned outage took longer than anticipated,” said Tex Bayouth, City Manager.