Frederick City Manager Receives Outstanding Career Achievement Award

Press Release
For Immediate Release
September 29, 2010
For more information, contact Shane Woolbright, General Manager, 405-323-2569

Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma announces that its 2010 Ray Duffy Personal Service Award, given annually to an Oklahoma public official for outstanding career achievements in government, was presented to Frederick City Manager Robert Johnston.  The Duffy award was named for Ray Duffy who for 42 years supervised electric department operations in the cities of Walters, Frederick, and Altus.  Duffy was instrumental in the development of MESO as a trade association for cities and towns and that action resulted in the development of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, provider of energy to Frederick and 38 other cities. 

Johnston has served on the board of  MESO for the past 17 years including four on its executive committee and one term as president of the association.  MESO provides services to cities in four states, to all 65 municipal power systems in Oklahoma, and to Oklahoma natural gas distributors and transmission companies.  In addition to his service to MESO, Johnston now serves on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, OMPA.  OMPA is an agency that owns electric generation facilities on behalf of its member cities.  Johnston has served on that board for seven years. 

In addition to these activities, Johnston has served on boards providing municipal governments in Oklahoma with pension plans and insurance programs, has served on the board of the Oklahoma Municipal League and as chair of the statewide association of cities this past year.  He was recently chair of this region for the International City Management Association.

But providing representation for national, regional, and state affiliates is a sideline to Robert’s constant efforts on behalf of Frederick.  He has been city manager sine 1993 and has overseen a constant list of improvements including recognition to the city for outstanding operation of electric distribution facilities.  In his time parks, waterworks, sidewalks, and landfill improvements have been accomplished.  He is active in the local Rotary Club, in the Chamber of Commerce, and is trustee of the First Baptist Church among other civic responsibilities.

Robert gives his talents locally, to his municipal constituents, to those state agencies whose activities influence what happens in Frederick, and even to national organizations.  His thoughtfulness and calm decision making skills have been sought at all levels of government, and those decisions often result in good public policy or improved infrastructures.

MESO General Manager Shane Woolbright noted that few individuals so distinguish themselves at so many levels and within so many organizations.  Robert is stepping down from his service to MESO after 17 years and his skills will be missed and his service greatly appreciated.