Duncan Power Receives Award for Outstanding Distribution Achievement

Press Release
September 14, 2011
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Duncan Power Receives Award for Outstanding Distribution Achievement

Duncan Power today receives the Clarence Fulkerson Electric System Achievement Award from the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma at its annual convention held jointly with the Oklahoma Municipal League in Tulsa.  The award is given annually to a municipal electric system which has distinguished itself and public power as a whole by its actions.

Duncan Power was recognized for its $14 million investment in energy efficiency and system automation.  Some $2 million of the funds Duncan spent came from federal stimulus funds provided by the US Department of Energy federal stimulus programs.  According to projections, Duncan will have 2.2 million kwh of reduced energy use due to better street lighting and building use.

Duncan replaced all existing water and electric meters with meters featuring two way communications that allow the meters to send signals to 700 “collector” meter locations located throughout the city.  The new system allows the city to read meters nearly instantly with very high reliability and to remotely monitor meters to reduce costs for change-outs and other meter services.  The system provides a platform to move to other energy management systems should they offer rewards to the utility and its customers.

The process will also improve reliability as any home with an interruption will now be noted by the computer system so tracking of all who may have interruption at any one time is available. 

The energy savings efforts were extensive.  The city upgraded heating and cooling systems in the court building, main fire building, main library, police station and city hall.  All traffic signal lighting was replaced with light emitting diodes or LED lighting which will cut energy use on these devices by 80% and reduce maintenance.  All street lighting was replaced using induction fixtures which will cut over one third of the energy required for lighting.  Variable speed motors were installed at the waste water treatment plant to cut energy in those processes.

As part of the communications upgrade the city will use the wireless network for police, fire, and utility applications including remote connectivity for officers and closed circuit security cameras for high traffic public areas.  The technology upgrades will allow police to access programs, files and information from anywhere in the city.  Field utility and public works personnel will have mobile access to the network as well.

MESO board president Paul McAlexander presented the award to Duncan Mayor Gene Brown and Duncan Power General Manager David Yeager.  In doing so McAlexander stated,  “Duncan Power has taken a series of steps that bring distinction to public power systems everywhere by showing that energy efficiency can be effective, economic, and an important driver in improving overall operations of local government.”

MESO is the trade association of Oklahoma’s 65 public power systems as well as 40 other utility systems in neighboring states.  MESO provides engineering, line worker training, disaster assistance, and many other services to the 500,000 people residing within its member systems.