Construction Begins for APPA Lineworker’s Rodeo at Mitch Park

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        Contact: Glenn Fisher
January 23, 2014                                                              Edmond Electric Director

Construction Begins for APPA Lineworker’s Rodeo at Mitch Park

National competition will take place April 5


Edmond Electric is hosting the American Public Power Association (APPA) Lineworker’s Rodeo to be held April 5, 2014. The rodeo will draw over 55 three man teams and 70 apprentices from around the nation to compete in nine different events showcasing their lineworking talents.  The rodeo will be held at Mitch Park just off of Santa Fe Avenue.

Construction of the grounds started last week and is being used as a training opportunity for fellow municipal utilities across the state.  “Since we rely on each other for mutual aid in the event of major storm damage or other events, we felt we had an opportunity to use the construction as a training aid for lineworkers from municipalities across the state,” stated Edmond Electric Director Glenn Fisher.

Approximately 150 poles will be placed at the site with construction slated to wrap up in mid-March.  Additional work to be done involves leveling and waterline improvements.  The estimated time for complete removal of the temporary course is mid-May.

After the event, Edmond Electric will leave improvements behind for the long term benefit of the park.  “Mitch Park is a unique environment and since I live nearby, it’s a park I use frequently.  Our goal is to host a memorable rodeo event that showcases Edmond, but also leaves the area better than it was before,” said Fisher.

For more info, please call Edmond Electric at 216-7660 or visit APPA’s website