City personnel and OMPA meet with State Senator and Representative

Back row, from left: Brant Cale, Capitol Gains; Bill Tucker, Kingfisher; Steve Richards, Kingfisher; Senator Darcy Jech, District 26; Gerald Haury, Okeene; Leroy Lage, Watonga; Randy Elliott, OMPA; Representative Mike Sanders, District 59; David Osburn, OMPA
Front row, from left: Janet Taylor, Watonga; Roxie Alexander, Kingfisher; Anita James, Kingfisher and Jennifer Rogers, OMPA

On Thursday, October 29, city personnel and elected officials from the City of Kingfisher, Town of Okeene, City of Watonga and staff from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA), met with Senator Jech, Representative Sanders over lunch in Kingfisher. The purpose of this lunch was to educate the state legislators on the history of OMPA, as well as introduce our member city personnel and elected officials to the legislators that represent them.

City personnel explained the vital role OMPA has with each of their member cities. The legislators, city personnel and OMPA staff had in depth discussions regarding issues facing OMPA and our Member Cities, as well as our outlook on the future.

Those in attendance were: Senator Darcy Jech, District 26; Representative Mike Sanders, District 59; Steve Richards, Kingfisher Mayor; Roxie Alexander, Kingfisher Commissioner; Anita James, Kingfisher Treasurer; Bill Tucker, Kingfisher City Clerk; Gerald Haury, Okeene City Manager; Janet Taylor, Watonga Director of Finance; Leroy Lage, Watonga resident; Brant Cale, Capitol Gains; David Osburn, OMPA General Manager; Randy Elliott, OMPA General Counsel and Jennifer Rogers, OMPA Governmental Relations Representative.